Exklusives Interview mit Pietro Apicella, Präsident des "Chervó Golf Hotel & Resort San Vigilio" Internationale Golfanlagenklassifizierung als Schlüssel zum Erfolg!

In an exclusive interview, Pietro Apicella, President of the renowned Chervò Golf Hotel & Resort San Vigilio in Italy, shares his personal experience with the international golf facility classification. As the holder of the 5-star seal of approval of "The International Golf Stars Classification" he emphasizes the importance of this quality seal for golf resorts abroad and explains how this award has positively influenced the market positioning of the resort in the national and international golf industry and how it helps to attract new customers from all over the world.


Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.: Mr. Apicella, we are pleased to welcome you today. The content of this interview will be your personal experiences with the international golf course classification. A warm welcome to you!


Pietro Apicella: "Thank you very much! We are very honored and happy that our golf facility has been recognized on a national and international level by "The International Golf Stars Classification" in the 5 star category."


Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.: "As president of Chervò Golf Hotel & Resort San Vigilio, one of the most prestigious golf resorts in Europe, why do you think it's essential that golf resorts, especially those abroad, have a prestigious status like the International Golf Stars Classification?"


Pietro Apicella: "The International Golf Stars Classification is of great importance for golf resorts, especially those abroad, as having a prestigious seal of approval confirms the quality and excellence of our resort in the golf industry and allows us to stand out from other competitors. As a prestigious golf resort in Italy, we have always strived to provide our guests with an unparalleled golf experience. Our continuous investment in the improvement of our course, hotel facilities, gastronomy and spa has already allowed us to establish a strong position in the European market. The international golf course classification confirms and recognizes these efforts.


Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.: How does Chervò Golf Hotel & Resort San Vigilio benefit from being associated with such a prestigious quality seal, especially in attracting new customers from abroad?


Pietro Apicella: We are convinced that the affiliation to "The International Golf Stars Classification" has further strengthened our already existing presence on the international market and positions us as one of the top golf resorts in Italy. Moreover, the international golf resort classification is a significant marketing tool. It allows us to communicate our outstanding features and advantages in a targeted manner and to strengthen our positioning as a leading golf resort.


Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.: What do you think makes "The International Golf Stars Classification" a significant selling point for golf resorts looking to expand their customer base?


Pietro Apicella: The award of "The International Golf Stars Classification" is undoubtedly considered an outstanding and meaningful sign of the highest quality and excellence in the golf industry. Golf facilities that are awarded this seal of approval have proven that they meet above-average standards and offer their guests a first-class golf experience.

The positive reputation and trust that comes with the award makes the golf resort extremely attractive to new customers. Potential guests feel confident and motivated to carry out their travel plans because of the resort's high level of quality. They know that an unforgettable golf and vacation experience awaits them. Thus, the award of "The International Golf Stars Classification" is a valuable tool to expand the customer base and to address new target groups.


Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.: "Can you share some examples of how being part of "The International Golf Stars Classification" has positively impacted your marketing efforts and customer acquisition strategies?"


Pietro Apicella: "The recognition by "The International Golf Stars Classification " has made our resort an attractive destination for golfers and travelers from all over the world. The award has been extremely well received by tour operators, golf travel agencies and the media, resulting in increased exposure on numerous media channels. This has given us new opportunities to present our unique offerings and excellent services to a wider audience. The seal of approval has strengthened the confidence of our potential customers and facilitated their decision to stay with us. As a result, we have been able to increase our booking numbers and build a loyal customer base that appreciates our facilities and services. Being part of "The International Golf Stars Classification" has proven to be an invaluable asset that has further consolidated our positioning as one of the leading golf resorts in Italy and internationally."


Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.: "Thank you Mr. Apicella for your time and insights! It was exciting to learn more about your experience on international golf resort classification as President of Chervò Golf Hotel & Resort San Vigilio. We wish you continued success with your golf resort."


Pietro Apicella: "It was a pleasure to be here and talk about our experience. We will continue to strive to provide our guests with a memorable golf experience and bring out the best in our golf resort."

Pietro Apicella, President of Chervò Golf Hotel & Resort San Vigilio in Italy