System description

Your advantages as a guest of a classified golf facility

  • Transparency

  • Mystery checks

  • Objective impression

  • Reviews

  • Personal advice

  • Reliability

  • Quality

The idea of "The International Golf Stars Classification"

When the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. (German Golf Course Owners Association) appeared on the market in 2005 with "The International Golf Stars Classification", it was impossible to foresee the success the brand would enjoy in the years to come. Today, the Golf Stars shine on golf courses in the nations of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Turkey, whereby the brand has matured into a strong European marketing cooperation. The idea behind the project will be briefly explained below:


  • Opportunity for each golf facility to communicate their respective quality to the national as well as international golf market, thus attracting new golfers and retaining the existing customer base.
  • Possibility to use "The International Golf Stars Classification" as a marketing tool
  • Creation of a quality promise for the customer (golfer)
  • Implementation of a tool to evaluate golf facilities based on objectively measurable criteria
  • Creation of a standard that enables golf facilities to be compared with each other in an international context
  • Marketing of all golf facilities integrated in the system as one marketing cooperation
  • Personal and individual consulting