Managing Director Golf Course Deinster Geest

"The advantages of "The International Golf Stars Classification" are clear for us: a clear positioning in the golf market and transparency for the customer. In addition, we use "The International Golf Stars Classification" as a marketing tool to improve the accessibility of our target group. In addition, we have already received a clear analysis of strengths and weaknesses via the survey questionnaire, which has led to an improvement in the quality of our service and range of services."


Managing Director Golf Course Moosburg/Pörtschach

"From our point of view, "The International Golf Stars Classification" creates additional offer transparency and security. With a classified establishment, the guest already knows before his arrival which services, quality and offers and, as a result, also the corresponding price categories await him at the golf facility."


Managing Director Golf Course Iffeldorf, Golf Course Thailing, Golf Course Cleebronn, Golf Course Steißlingen

„"The International Golf Stars Classification" helps our customers as well as ourselves with orientation. Thanks to the stars, we know our objective strengths and can thus prioritize and plan better and position ourselves more clearly on the market. Customers, in turn, know what to expect, because everyone understands the orientation of the world-renowned five-star system immediately and intuitively, regardless of whether they are newcomers or experienced players. In addition, the classification also helps us internally when comparing our facilities and revealing their respective strengths and weaknesses."


Managing Director GOLF absolute

"A reliable rating system such as "The International Golf Stars Classification" is an important anchor for our customers in the objective assessment of our 11 golf courses and their services, especially in a digitalized world in which everything and everyone can be compared. The clear positioning through the international golf course classficiation ensures transparency on the customer side and on the operator side the certain quality and performance standards that we want to constantly offer our customers. A system that works!"