Acaya Golf Resort in Italy successfully classified in the category 5 stars!

The golf course classification of "The International Golf Stars Classification" has been successfully established in Germany more than 17 years ago and is now also in demand in many tourist countries, such as Italy, to attract German golfers, especially through an officially tested quality feature.


Precisely for this reason, the Acaya golf course underwent the classification of "The International Golf Stars Classification" and was successfully awarded 5 stars.


Located in Puglia, the 18 holes golf course is immersed in the beautiful nature of Italy and, thanks to the long experience in the tourism industry, offers to national as well as international guests, what it promises. Even professional golfers have played the great course in the context of some PGA tournaments, which were hosted at the golf resort Acaya.


The independent Italian auditor commissioned by the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. (German Golf Association) reports: "Personally, I was thrilled with the entire facility and think it is very important that the successful golf facility classification now also prevails in Italy in order to be able to offer guests a mark of quality. This is possible due to the strict requirements of the classification. In addition, the classification provides the golf course with an inventory, which results in an analysis of weaknesses and strengths. This is very important for the further development and future security of the golf courses. I am firmly convinced that more Italian golf courses will be represented by the seal of quality in the future."


The Board of Directors and Advisory Board of the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. congratulate the entire team of Acaya Golf Club for the successful golf course classification in the 5-star category with a total of 535 points.


You can find more information about the golf course here.